Janine Loohuis grew up in Holland where she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem. She specialized in fashion and worked for several companies in Holland and Italy designing clothes for children. After designing textiles for a few years, she moved to the Chianti countryside where she opened an atelier in the historical center of Panzano. She started making and decorating ceramics, designing furniture in wrought iron, making lampshades, and painting watercolors and acrylics.

You can often find her in her atelier creating anything that comes to mind or inspires her. Please call for an appointment.

With the restoration of Villa Santa Lucia, Janine has also been recognized by several magazines for her interior design work.

“My life and my work are one and the same,” says Janine. “There is no difference between working and living. It’s all the same artistic soup and inspiration is everywhere! The design and ambience of Villa Santa Lucia reflects my artistry as much as anything I create at the atelier.

Janine Loohuis - C.F. LHSJNN65P41Z126E - Via Case Sparse n.29 - Località Santa Lucia Di Sopra, 50022 Panzano in Chianti
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